What Are The Best Fragrances To Seduce A Guy?

What is your go to fragrance and what aroma would you like to give off when walking by a fine ass guy? 

Hmm...I can't even recall purchasing my first perfume/fragrance. I must say though, I have a strong attachment to floral, sweet scents. And we all know scents leaves memories; whether it be people, places or things. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a sweet smelling, succulent, floral aroma. A scent that is light such as, the Pink Sugar fragrance. One of women's top best fragrances to wear. And a more affordable one at that. This particular fragrance is sweet-scented, good for day and night time settings. Or maybe you would like a more powdery aroma, like Baby Powder. The soft smelling and fresh scent is bound to have him all over you like a baby's bottom. For instance, Fragrance oils.

So what's it going to be ladies? 

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  • I love a nice vanilla scented fragrance 😊


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