TikTok Inspired Fashion Trends For 2021

From the viral Dalgona Coffee in lockdown to testing viral beauty tips and fashion trends in last year, Tiktok has been a hot topic. For many, it’s all about just a good pastime but for fashion-forward girls, it’s about trend and aesthetics. Many fashion trends are inspired by Tiktok in 2021, let’s have a look.


Tie Dye Casual Wear

One of the most popular trends that we have seen lately is Tie Dye, and TikTok is no exception! It is everywhere be it socks, hoodies, 2 piece sweats, shirts, and what not. Many Tiktoks have been filmed creating their DIY Tie Dyes at home giving a rise to this trend.




Vintage with Corset

Corsets are a fashion statement on Tiktoks lately! There’s a Tiktok trend that is all about waist cinching and corset flexing. Corsets are a vintage touch to contemporary in recent times. They can make you look good and cinched in with any form of dress you wear. Many styles are being offered in the fashion industry, from corset belts to corset tank tops and shirts!




Cottage Core is Back

TikTok is going back to the English 19th-century countryside with its cottage core trend! Cottage core has been around since 2018 but grew in popularity in recent years. With maxi dresses on the top trend, the Tiktok aesthetics has surely changed. Expect frolicking in the meadows and lush gardens for more aesthetic TikTok trends.




Get Cozy with Oversized Hoodies

Ever since the happening of lockdown due to COVID’19, there have been a rise in casual clothing especially oversized hoodies. They not only look cute but are super comfy. Baggy sweatshirts with biker shorts and high-rise socks with sneakers make up a chic look. A range of vintage styles to neon has been seen on Tiktok lately.




Shoulder Handbags the 90’s Vibes

Shoulder handbags have been serving us 90s vibes all over Tiktok! This trend was so out of fashion in the last decade but it has made a comeback and this time for better.  Shoulder handbags are not only easy and comfortable to carry but also look chic as they are the perfect size in between mini and big bags.




With these few trends, your outfits will be anything but boring. If you are looking for a wardrobe revamp them then having these fashion statements in your wardrobe is a must!

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