The Best Makeup Trends For 2021

Since everyone stayed at home all of last year, it gave us all a chance to try out new things and experiment with makeup. Because of all the creativity that sparked in 2020, this year we have seen some unique and amazing makeup trends emerge. So, are you ready to get inspired? We have rounded up the best makeup trends for 2021:

Colorful Eyes

Ever since everyone started doing Euphoria-inspired makeup looks, adding color to your lids has become a big thing. Bold eyeshadows are going to be a big makeup trend for 2021, so get excited to add some color into your life.

Stained Lips

A great thing about this trend is that it works even when you have no makeup on the face. Stained lips look natural and still grab attention. You can easily achieve a stained effect with any lip product; just apply a bit of product on the lips and dab it using your finger or a tissue paper.


Make a statement with your makeup look by going for a monochrome vibe. That means you basically match the color on your lids with the shade of your lipstick. Tell us, are you bold enough to hop on this makeup trend?

Bold Blush

Yep, bold blush is back, and we are here for it! Add a blush to your cheeks, temples and underneath your brow bones to get that allover flush. Make sure to blend everything out.

Dolphin Skin

If it’s wet and dewy yet still looks like you are bare-faced, it’s called dolphin skin. Give yourself a glow from within by trying out this 2021 makeup trend.

Purple Eyeliner

One thing is for sure, the 2021 makeup trends are all about pushing you out of your comfort zone. Bright purple eyeliner is a major trend for this year and so many makeup artists and content creators are rocking this trend.

90’s Liner

Lean into the most iconic beauty trend of the 90’s; this trend is a favourite of Bella Hadid and so many of us are in love with it. To create this look, apply a very thin wing and add the blackest liner to your tightline and lower lash line. Go for a nude lip with this makeup trend so it really stands out.

So, which of the 2021 makeup trend are you most excited to try out?







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