How To Properly Dress For Your First Date

First date’s can be nerve wrecking on their own and picking out what to wear is a whole nother struggle. There are a couple of factors that play in when it comes to a first date outfit and we are here to give you some answers. So, ready for some clarity? (finally!)

Check The Dress Code For The Venue

The first thing to do is check the vibe of the venue where you’ll be meeting up with your date. You don’t want to show up underdressed if it’ll be at a fancy restaurant.

Go For Something In Your Comfort Zone

First dates are not the right time to experiment, so stick to what you feel comfortable in. If plunging necklines make you feel uneasy, no need to sport it just to look sexy. There are plenty of other ways to grab your date’s attention.

Keep Something to The Imagination

We know you want to look extra good for your date, but that does not mean you need to show a lot of skin. It’s always important to keep a balance; for example, if you are wearing something short, then balance that out with long sleeves or a low heel.

Be Yourself

It is important you add some personality into your outfit. Don’t start overthinking now, we simply mean to wear something that defines your style. For example, if you are someone who hardly wear dresses, don‎’t slip into one just to impress your date. The more you act like yourself, the more confident you’ll feel.

A simple tee paired with a mini skirt; the outfit is casual yet super cute for a quick coffee date.

Fitted midi skirts are a big trend for 2021 and when you pair them with a simple top and sneakers; you have a casual yet trendy outfit.

If you are meeting up on a date dinner, keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a fancy blouse. It’s simple yet will have you looking fine.

We hope we have prepared you for your next first date.


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