A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogging sounds glitz and glam with tons of PR packages waiting for you at your doorstep and all day being spent attending amazing events but behind the scenes, there’s a lot more that is involved. Those cute OOTDs and mini-transition videos you see require a lot of time, effort and creation with a lot of hard work and thought put into it. Blogging or content creating is not just good looks, and sharing content, it’s a combination of skills, hard work, and dedication.

Bloggers who are also managing their nine-to-five jobs, they have been seen juggling between their content creation, work, family and friends as well as essential me-time. A typical day of a blogger varies according to the content creation, schedule or a morning meeting with the brands and publicist, the team, or brainstorming the content. But a morning workout and catching a healthy breakfast including a detox smoothie is something many fashion bloggers swear by. Many fashion bloggers are also in the habit of meditation to calm themselves and cleanse themselves from the negative baggage that clings to them being on social media, as with popularity comes, good and bad, both. This is then followed by preparations for any content shooting and getting makeup done and dressing up. Fashion Bloggers usually emphasize taking product pictures or any photoshoot, in the daylight as it is camera-friendly and gives the best output. For a professional photoshoot, session, DSLR is preferred but OOTDs are usually shot by phone, with a tripod and a remote, making things easy and eliminating the need for a photographer. Part-time fashion bloggers prefer to have their shoots on weekends but for the ones who are into full-time fashion blogging, things are more flexible with being able to manage timings of their own.

Industry events take place after work hours, and many fashion bloggers attend these events to connect with fellow bloggers and people in the industry, it’s a fun way and often full of surprises. If there’s no event to attend then the routine including cooking, showering followed by a skincare regime is followed. Many fashion bloggers also prefer to schedule their following day, a night before, for their ease. Schedules vary from person to person and the same goes for fashion bloggers, while many might spend their time going over the brand contracts, posting drafts, and editing photos during mid-day, others might be catching meetings and networking, it’s highly flexible.

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